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Tape vs. disk

Tape is literally 10,000 to 100,000 times more reliable than disk

Undetecable Bit Error Rate
Enterprise disk
1 in 10-15
Enterprise SSD
1 in 10-17 
Hardened SSD
1 in 10-18 
1 in 10-19 
Oracle T10000
1 in 10-19 
IBM TS1150
1 in 10-20 

Find out more about why HPE LTO Ultrium data cartridges are so reliable by downloading the HPE Media Testing brochure.


"When it comes to tape vs. disk, we see significant reduction–up to 1,500 times less energy consumption with tape than a comparable storage array comprising disk. So you can get hundreds of petabytes of storage on a couple of raised floor tiles, minimal heating ventilation and air conditioning requirements, consuming less than eight light bulbs worth of electricity. That's green. That's making a meaningful dent in the energy consumption."

John Tiogo
Tiogo Partners International


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